Your First Consultation With an Orthopedic Surgeon and What to Expect

Most of us have heard of “white coat syndrome.” This term is often used to describe the anxiety felt by patients when they go to the doctor. Unfortunately, there are many people who feel anxious about going to the doctor for things as common as a cold, and the same principle holds true when they schedule their first appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. Feelings of anxiety, and perhaps fear, are often present as patients anticipate the possibility of needing surgery. 

Those suffering from hand and wrist pain know that the pain can be unbearable at times. Patients who have tried doctor prescribed braces, physical therapy, and other forms of treatment with little to no relief are often prime candidates for surgical procedures involving the hands and wrist.

If you have a history of terrible hand and wrist pain and have tried everything under the sun to alleviate your symptoms, then you should schedule a consultation with a surgeon who specializes in hand and wrist injuries. Patients who have been seen by the doctors at Michigan Hand and Wrist report feeling at ease during the consultation. Our highly skilled surgeons are not only experts in performing hand and wrist surgery, but they are also skilled in calming fears and easing anxiety.

During the consultation appointment, the surgeon will ask the patient a series of questions pertaining to the symptoms and potential causes and review x-rays to determine the best course of action. If surgery is recommended by the surgeon, patients will have an opportunity to ask the surgeon questions pertaining to the surgery and recovery.

If you have experienced significant discomfort in your hands or wrist and are considering surgical options, you can rest assured knowing that the experts at Michigan Hand and Wrist will calm your fears. When you turn to our team, your hands are in good hands. Contact us today to request a consultation. 

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