Is Surgery the Best Option for Arthritis of the Hand?

There’s no doubting the pain that comes along with having arthritis in any area of the body, but it’s particularly painful and hard to deal with when it settles in the hands. Whether it manifests itself in the joints of the fingers, or in the hand as a whole, it can make performing daily tasks an arduous and excruciatingly painful ordeal. As such, many people wonder weather undergoing corrective surgery is the best way to treat arthritis of the hand. While surgery can, and often does, produce lasting results, at Michigan Hand and Wrist, we encourage our patients to seek other treatment methods before deciding to undergo a surgical procedure. 

The chief reason why many specialists discourage hand surgery initially is because while it can often significantly reduce the pain of arthritis, it often leaves the fingers and joints more stiff. As a result, patients end up trading pain for immobility. Certainly, this isn’t the case with every person, but it’s certainly something that you should consider if you’re currently suffering from arthritis of the hand and are seeking treatment options. 

In addition to postoperative mobility restrictions, surgery to correct arthritis of the hand is often difficult to perform because of the damaged or weakened tissue around the area of the disease. If the surrounding tissue isn’t strong enough to reconstruct around a corrective implant, then a patient will experience further discomfort a few years down the road. 

If you’re struggling with the excruciating pain of arthritis of the hand, as well as the embarrassment that can come from the deformities that arise out of the condition, the compassionate staff at Michigan Hand and Wrist is more than prepared to help you recover and regain comfortable use of your hand. Our specialists will devise a plan that’s tailored to your unique condition in an effort to exhaust all noninvasive options to heal your pain. If surgery is deemed necessary, you can feel at ease knowing that our expert surgeons have the skills and experience to get the job done right. Contact our office to speak with our friendly staff today!

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