What Conditions Are Best Treated By Wrist Surgery?

Wrist injuries and conditions, which can quickly become complicated, are best treated by a hand specialist, like those we have on staff here at Michigan Hand and Wrist. People often refer to their “wrist bone”, but did you know that the wrist is actually comprised of eight different, small bones called carpals? Wrist injuries and conditions can reduce your mobility, cause extreme pain, and other long term problems. This is why so many conditions are treated through wrist surgery. 

Here are a few conditions that are best treated by hand surgery:

Wrist sprains, strains, and fractures – Wrist injuries of this nature are not uncommon. Because the bones of the wrist are so small, they need to be cared for by a specialist to make sure that they heal properly. This is especially true in the case of broken carpal bones. They must be set properly to ensure that they do not cause pain down the road. 

Tendinitis – An inflamed tendon can limit your range of motion and cause a considerable amount of pain. Most of the time, tendinitis can be treated with non-surgical methods, but patients who have a narrowing of the tunnel near their thumb may require wrist surgery to create room for their tendons. 

Nerve injuries – Nerve injuries are very complicated to treat and often require the services of an orthopedic surgeon. Due to the small size of the nerves, the orthopedic surgeon who performs the surgery must have knowledge of and experience in microsurgical techniques. 

Your hands are something you use on a daily basis, and the idea of having wrist or hand surgery can be scary. Wrist injuries and conditions are complex to treat, but in the right hands, your treatment will go very well. If you or a loved one are suffering from pain or other problems in your wrist, contact Michigan Hand and Wrist today to schedule an appointment!

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