3 Ways to Give Yourself a Hand Massage for Sore Wrists

Daily activities contribute to sore wrists and include using computer for work, playing racquet sports, kayaking, lifting weights and working in the yard. Your wrists are sensitive to overuse and when they are sore, you want relief. Fortunately, you can give yourself a hand massage to alleviate sore wrists and help you return to your activities. If wrist pain is interfering with your day, take five minutes and try one, or all, of these three ways to massage away the pain:

1- Forearm Rub- The muscles that control your wrists are located in your forearms. Target these muscles by applying a small amount of lotion or oil to your forearms, the area between your wrists and elbows. Use your open palm, fingertips or knuckles of the opposite hand and slide your hand from your wrist to your elbow. Use gentle pressure and increase the pressure as you are able to tolerate while you rub up and down your forearms. Move your hand up and down on the thumb side, the middle and the little finger side of your forearm to reduce soreness throughout your wrist.

2- Palm Massage- Target the muscles in your hand to reduce sore wrists. Open your right hand. Place the thumb of your left hand into the base of your right thumb and wrap your fingers around the back of your right hand. Gently move your left thumb in circles as you release tension in the large thumb pad. Use the same technique at the base of each finger and then along the right side of your right palm.

3- Tennis Ball Roll- Hold onto a tennis ball between both hands with your palms open. Vigorously roll the ball between your hands to reduce muscle tension and wrist pain. If you cannot find a ball, use a smooth rock, a frozen water bottle or your car’s gear shift to rub out tense hand muscles.

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