What Are The Most Common Wrist Injuries?

Repetitive motions and everyday activities can easily lead to injuries of the wrist. It is important to understand the most common of these injuries so you know when it’s time to consult a doctor.

Sprains and Strains

If you experience pain, bruising and the inability to move your wrist, you may have a stretched or torn ligament. This is called a sprain, and it is caused by things such as falling or getting hit. A stretched or torn tendon or muscle in your wrist is a strain, which might happen over the course of time or develop suddenly. Many wrist strains and sprains can be treated at home with ice, rest and compression bands. More serious cases may require physical therapy.

Broken Bones

Broken wrists account for 10 percent of broken bones in the United States. The term “broken wrist” usually applies to a fracture of the radius in the forearm that occurs at the lower, or distal, end near where it connect to the hand bones on the thumb side. Broken wrists are usually caused by falling with outstretched arms or getting hit very hard. Symptoms of a broken wrist include severe pain, swelling, tenderness, and a deformity that makes it appear bent. People who suspect they have a broken wrist should consult a doctor immediately so treatment can begin.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The eight bones of the wrist are called carpals, and the tube that runs through them is called the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel contains nerves and tendons, and when those tendons swell or become irritated it narrows the canal and puts pressure on the nerves that causes them to compress. This causes numbness, and as it worsens people may have trouble grasping things. Treatments include rest, splints and medications for pain and to reduce inflammation. Severe cases require surgery in order for people to regain normal wrist movement.

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