Common Arthritis of the Hand Symptoms

Arthritis can present itself in various parts of the body and usually results in pain for the affected person.  Arthritis of the hand can incapacitate someone who relies on themselves for their day-to-day activities and for those who use their hands at work.  Whether a job entails typing, manufacturing, delivering, stocking, or writing, the hands perform much of the work for most people on the job.  The experts at Michigan Hand and Wrist offer the following characteristics of arthritis of the hand so that readers can begin to take action to combat the debilitating condition.

In the beginning stages of arthritis in the hand, the hand can feel stiff or even somewhat numb, especially in the morning.  As arthritis progresses, the pain intensifies and can even interfere with sleep.  Additionally, with arthritis in the hands, parts of the hand can swell and can also change shape over time.  The doctors at Michigan Hand and Wrist also warn those suffering from hand discomfort to pay attention to a warming sensation that might present itself.  Another symptom of arthritis in the hand pertains to a loss of fine motor skills.  If your handwriting has deteriorated and you can no longer thread a needle or cut on a line, it is possible that arthritis has invaded your hands.

It seems like some people think that nothing can be done about arthritic conditions, which is simply not true.  The surgeons at Michigan Hand and Wrist are happy to discuss your symptoms, assess the arthritis in your hands, and provide the appropriate treatment.  They accept most major insurance plans, so it is likely that your insurance will cover the cost of your consultation and treatment.  If you want to learn more about the various ways they can reduce, or perhaps eliminate, the pain caused by your arthritic condition in your hands, contact Michigan Hand and Wrist today!

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